Exton Street

The Christian Alliance building now known as “Xenia” was formally part of the Union Jack Club built in 1907 and opened by King Edward VII, In 1970 it had become The Christian Alliance Centre initially providing support accommodation for venerable young people new to London, In 2009 Christian Alliance change their name to Chapter 1 in 2011 the building has gone through an extensive refurbishment and in 2013 the building name was changed and is now called xenia.

Battledore was contracted to install all Mechanical & Electrical services.

The 100-year-old building bounded by Secker Street, Exton Street and Cornwall Road was once part of the Union Jack Club, but by the 1970s it had become the Christian Alliance Centre.

The Christian Alliance Housing Association – which changed its name to Chapter 1 in 2009 – has spent £9 million upgrading the Waterloo building.